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  1. NESS April 13 LINK
    DATE: Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm, TODAY
    An interesting day at Salton Sea, north end, with Mark Chappell. We spent a long morning at Salt Creek looking at and photographing waterbirds, then the rest of the day looking for land birds at the State Recreation Area.
    Just about the first bird we looked at on the beach at Salt Creek was a alternate plumage Ruddy Turnstone in the multitude of shorebirds, larids, pelicans and ducks, with Brant (2), Red Knots (5), Franklin's Gull (2), Gull-billed Tern (1) being the specialties. The regulars included a stunning flock of approximately 500 Western Sandpipers, a variety of Black-bellied Plover (30) plumages,  Willets (100+), Marbled Godwit (2), both dowitchers, Greater Yellowlegs, Least Sandpipers (lots but ?), Whimbrel (10), Long-billed Curlew, Snowy and Semipalmated plovers (we couldn't remember a Killdeer at day's end!), hundreds of Bonaparte's Gulls.
    Landbirds: nine species of warblers -- Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Nashville, MacGillivray's, Black-throated Gray, Townsend's (very early), Orange-crowned, Wilson's, Common Yellowthroat -- also -- Hermit Thrush, Chipping and Lincoln's sparrows, Warbling Vireo. Fun.
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  3. Havasu past two days LINK
    DATE: Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm, TODAY
    Yesterday 10 Apr and today 11 Apr I scanned Lake Havasu from the north end (and also check a few other spots as well).
    Yesterday 10 Apr I had three continuing White-winged Scoters well off Mesquite Bay on the Az side, continuing RED-THROATED LOON on the California side, 65 Franklin's Gullsof which 16 made it into California and decent numbers of other waterbird migrants (small numbers of dabbling ducks, both scaup, Red-breasted Merganser, grebes, Ring-billed California, Bonaparte's Gull etc) of which a handful made it into California.
    Today 11 Apr there was less in the way of waterbirds on Lake Havasu, but an afternoon check of the Parker Strip produced good numbers of teal (mainly Cinnamon, but Blue-winged and Green-winged also present) as well as small numbers of shorebirds. Passerines have been slow this season and so far no sign of the swallow spectacle has been had, handfuls are passing through when it should be thousands. Also of interest to California Birders was a continuing Neotropic Cormorant at Headgate Dam in Arizona, but it must fly into California at some point. Good birding
    David Vander Pluym
    Lake Havasu City
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  5. NESS April 11 LINK
    DATE: Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm, TODAY
    Did a training run for next weekend's (April 19-20) San Bernardino Valley Audubon Shorebird Weekend -- back-to-back trips to North End Salton Sea and the San Jacinto Wildlife Area (details on the SBVAS website.) Late April is as good as it gets with shorebird diversity and abundance, plumage variations including stunning alternate plumages, good weather. If nothing else you may come away from the outing(s) able to tell Tony and Chet apart.
    Today: a day on the barnacle beaches (3 hours at Salt Creek), with 17 species of shorebirds including a Surfbird at Salt Creek, Black-bellied Plovers all dressed up, 65+ Whimbrels at 84th Ave, only one alternate Dunlin came in to dip it's feet in the water, then continued north, peaking peeps, no Red Knots --next week for sure, Short-billed Dowitchers, busy Snowy Plovers.
    Collateral distractions: Brant, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Gull-billed Tern, Blue-winged Teal at Salt Creek, swarms of Bonaparte's Gulls and Caspian Terns, Western Gulls at 84th, FOS Zebra-tailed Lizard. Mentioning swarms-- Eared Grebes and Ruddy Ducks!
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  7. SJWA April 3-4 LINK
    DATE: Apr 5, 2014 @ 5:33pm, 19 day(s) ago
    Two mornings, Thursday and Friday, at the SJWA: Hood Merganser -2, Wood Duck -2, Whimbrel-2, imm. Bald Eagle, American Bittern, Bell's Vireo, Black-thoated Blue Warbler, Tricoolred Blackbirds, ducks, swallows!, 700 California Gulls.
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  9. SJWA, Lake Perris March 27 LINK
    DATE: Mar 28, 2014 @ 7:01pm, 27 day(s) ago
    A fine day of birding with Tony Metcalf; a few highlights of 85 species:Common Loon, American White Pelican 30, American Bittern, White-faced Ibis 300?, Greater Yellowlegs 30, Lesser Yellowlegs, Willet, Least Sandpiper 350?, Long-billed Dowitcher 300?, swallows (5 species) 1000s with Violet-green and Tree Swallows most abundant, Wilson's Warbler, Black-throated Blue-Warbler. Thousands of ducks led by Northern Shovelers and Green-winged Teals. Interesting to watch House Wrens and Tree Swallows checking out the same nest box. Western Kingbirds have impressively occupied Davis Road. Swarms of gulls stayed high, raptor diversity low, with American Kestrels particularly scarce.
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  11. NESS March 13 LINK
    DATE: Mar 14, 2014 @ 4:42am, 42 day(s) ago
    I spent most of the day, March 13,  on the shore at spots around the north end of the Salton Sea. Highlights: a continuing sub-adult Lesser Black-backed Gull in the large gull flock at Salt Creek; seven Common Mergansers flying south on the date given by Patten et al. as the winter late date for the species  -- likely the same ones found on the NESS CBC in early January; two basic-plumaged Red Knots at 84th Ave, seeming to be very early migrants, though possibly winter birds; at least five Western Gulls at 84th. Still an impressive lot of Black-bellied Plovers and Willets; the large west side Aythya flock seems to be gone but there were two Red-breasted Mergansers with the Ruddy Ducks.
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  13. Colorado River / Feb. 15 LINK
    DATE: Feb 17, 2014 @ 2:14pm, 2 month(s) ago
    Birded the Colorado River at a few points Saturday on the way to Parker Dam. Had an adult Bald Eagle near the bridge leading to Cibola NWR. Also stopped by the diversion dam north of Blythe. About 200 ducks of various kinds were above the dam. We found at least a half-dozen “Sage” Sparrows in the scrub just south of the dam. They all looked like Bell’s Sparrows to me. Just wondered if others have seen the birds in this area and would concur.
    Ed Stonick
    Pasadena, CA
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  15. Common Goldeneye Brock Research Center Rd. LINK
    DATE: Feb 14, 2014 @ 8:52pm, 2 month(s) ago
    This afternoon a male and female Common Goldeneye were on the large pond north of I-8 at the Brock Research Center exit just west of the dunes. As previously mentioned you have to scope the ponds from the bridge, so the views are distant. There were lots of ducks and coots on the pond, but the goldeneyes really stood out.
    Charity Hagen
    Lake Elsinore
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  17. Common Goldeneye / Black-throated Blue Warbler LINK
    DATE: Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm, TODAY
    Thanks to Steve Myers, checked out the male Common Goldeneye at Whitewater Preserve and found it on the lower pond along with a number of Ring-necked Ducks. Then on to Bridge Street off San Jacinto Wildlife Area and found a handful of Tricolored Blackbirds, along with just a few zillion Brewer's Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds.
    After that on to San Jacinto Wildlife Area (SJWA) along Davis Rd at the already noted 'wooded stream crossing' where I birded with Julie Szabo from Wildomar finding the female Black-throated Blue Warbler. Had one flyby Ferruginous Hawk. Nice to run into Tony Metcalf as well after so many years. Geez how the decades fly by.
    Photos here: (the whole 835 ABA photographed species pages)Monte Taylor
    Irvine / Tustin Ranch, CA
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  19. Lake Havasu Update LINK
    DATE: Feb 10, 2014 @ 6:11pm, 2 month(s) ago
    Yesterday 8 Feb I joined Paul Lehman, Barbara Carlson, Curtis Marantz, and Captain Brad Singer for an extended tour by boat of Lake Havasu. Happily this did not end up being a "3 hour tour" instead about 5 hours were spent on the lake. We headed down to the Bill Williams Delta hoping for a Blue-footed Booby. On the way down and back we had a PACIFIC LOON in both states between Havasu Palms and Black Meadow Landing (inaccessible except by boat) and another one in Az off Site Six. Despite chumming from the Bill Williams Arm up to the north end we (and many others looking from land) were unable to find the Blue-footed Booby (though Paul and Barbara found it that evening sitting on its roost in Az). Where the bird was is anyone's guess, but I imagine it was fat and happy somewhere when our gull flock went by. At the north end of the lake we did have the BROWN BOOBY in both states as well as three Herring Gulls. Before the boat we could see good numbers of goldeneyes and other ducks between Site Six and Havasu Landing on the California (haze was bad so we couldn't really pick through them) however by the time we got there on the boat they had moved off. We did however see ~180 scaup off Havasu Landing that were presumed Greater. Good birding.
    David Vander Pluym
    Lake Havasu City
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  21. Whitewater Preserve - Common Goldeneye LINK
    DATE: Feb 10, 2014 @ 5:36pm, 2 month(s) ago
    Hi all,
    For all you duck photographers out there, a beautiful male Common
    Goldeneye was in one of the trout ponds at the Whitewater Preserve
    this morning. The pond is crystal clear, allowing the goldeneye,
    Ring-necked Ducks, and American Coots to be observed as they swim
    under water - pretty cool! Since the pond is only about 30-40 feet
    across, all of the birds frequently surface very close to the edge
    of the pond, allowing frame-filling shots.
    Otherwise, there were no unusual birds seen this morning. Several
    species are starting to sing in earnest - spring is coming!
    Steve Myers
    Moreno Valley
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  23. Kingfisher, Merlin at Lake Gregory, Crestline LINK
    DATE: Feb 9, 2014 @ 4:20pm, 2 month(s) ago
    down to the lake at 10:00 today (Feb 8, 2014) to assist in the Bald
    Eagle count today. Didn't see any eagles, although I ran into a fisher
    lady who reported she had seen the juvenile "about a half hour ago."
    Almost immediately I spotted a male Belted Kingfisher fly from a perch
    and get behind me. I went back to take another look and it flew back
    around me again. I continued back towards it again and again it flew
    back behind me.
       Both the eagle and the Kingfisher were on the San Moritz side of the lake as I was headed toward the ball field.I walked around the lake and when I was walking on San Moritz again near the South Beach parking lot, I noticed the fluttery flapping of a Merlin circling over the lake near the shore. Some water birds seen were a male Common Goldeneye, 2 Northern Shovelers, 2 Ring-Necked Ducks, as well as some I could not identify.Steve DruceCrestline
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  25. San Jacinto Wildlife Area Feb. 6 LINK
    DATE: Feb 7, 2014 @ 9:07pm, 3 month(s) ago
    This afternoon me and my husband Alan paid a visit to the San Jacinto Wildlife Area and surrounding area. The female Black-throated Blue Warbler continues at the river crossing south of the main entrance of the Wildlife Area. The bird moves around constantly almost like a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, the active movement made it very easy to find, and it give a soft chip call repeatedly. Be aware this is the second paved river crossing on Davis Rd, not the first one like I initially thought it was. The newly flooded field adjacent to the warbler spot was filled with gulls and ducks. We drove down to the horse ranch and had a large flock of Yellow-headed Blackbirds mingling with Red-winged Blackbirds, and 5 Tricolored Blackbirds were mixed in with them. A juvenile
    Bald Eagle was on a telephone pole above the Ramona Duck club ponds, and a large flock of Tricolored Blackbirds flew over this spot and settled into a marsh over near the auto tour route. The Sage Thrasher continues near the green gate after the first paved river crossing, and a smattering of Mountain Bluebirds continues near the duck club ponds and near the newly flooded field next to the river crossing.
    Charity Hagen
    Lake Elsinore
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  27. Lake Skinner and nearby spots, January 16 LINK
    DATE: Jan 16, 2014 @ 3:18pm, 3 month(s) ago
    Chet McGaugh and I spent this morning at Lake Skinner and a few
    other nearby spots. It was a near perfect morning, with little wind
    and warm temperatures. The two Blue Boobies continue on the island
    near Boat Ramp 2, along with 3 Brown Pelicans and many cormorants.
    A single Herring Gull was among the Ring-bills and Californias in
    that part of the lake. Also of note on the lake were 3-4 Horned
    Grebes and 2-3 Common Loons northeast of Boat Ramp 1. A California
    Gnatcatcher called once in the coastal scrub above the boat rental
    building near Ramp 1.
    The Winchester ponds had nothing of note, but there were lots of
    ducks, especially Northern Shovelers. We then drove up to the Nuevo
    Mountain Plover fields, and immediately (less than a minute) had a
    flock of 9 plovers in the field southwest of the intersection of San
    Jacinto Avenue and Dunlap. We only spent about 15 minutes there, but
    a more extensive search of all the fields around there would
    undoubtedly yield much larger numbers based on observations of
    recent weeks.
    Steve Myers
    Moreno Valley
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  29. Big Bear Birding LINK
    DATE: Jan 16, 2014 @ 9:00pm, 3 month(s) ago
    Thought I would extend a report from my area since it has been some time that you all have heard from me.
    I started out early this morning at Grout Bay with outstanding numbers of ducks present. Common Merganser counts were very high, with Gadwalls close(forget the coots), then Mallards. Additionally there were Redheads, Pintails, American Wigeons, N Shovelers, Ruddys, Buffleheads and Green-winged Teals, Only a few species missing, but I would pick them up later as I drove around the lake stopping at my favorite spots. One adult Bald Eagle was spotted and only two Double-crested Cormorants were seen. Five Clark's Nutcracker were entertaining as they picked through the pine cones over my head. I have about 4 stops around Grout Bay that I routinely make and from every angle there were ducks as far as I could see.
    On to Boulder Bay Park yielded Wood Duck's, Lesser Scaups and Hooded Merganser in modest numbers. Pleasure Point Marina had a couple of Western Blue Birds for the day. Next stop was Swim Beach where I added 1 Canvasback, 7 Canada Goose and a couple of Common Goldeyes.
    Water level at Stanfield Marsh in about half its volume since our fall rains. Birds where few with many California and Ring-billed Gulls along its shoreline. Snow fall has been almost non-existant as you may have already heard.
    A drive around Baldwin Lake was quiet except for two Mountain Bluebirds to add to the days species.
    Around 2:30 I had a flyover of an adult Ferruginous Hawk over my home and a White-tailed Kite was seen at Stanfield Marsh on a drive back into town around at 4:30 this afternoon. For the day of lake birding I tallied 42 species with 45 degree temps and a steady wind out of the NW. The day was perfect for birding and enjoyable on a warm winter day.
    Flicker if your interested
    See you out there,
    Sandy Remley
    Big Bear Lake
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  31. Mecca Black-headed Gull Jan 9 LINK
    DATE: Jan 10, 2014 @ 6:57pm, 3 month(s) ago
    Dave Goodward and I found the Black-headed Gull in the flock at 68th Ave just as the sun was dropping (4:10pm) over the mountains. We had arrived back at about 3:15 pm after missing it in the morning, then watched gulls flying in before finding the gull in the water, preening in a tight flock of Bonaparte's Gulls. We found an adult Mew Gull during our morning stop, this being the exact spot where one was on November 12. 
    An aduilt Lesser Black-backed Gull at Salt Creek, between 68th Ave visits, rounded out a good day with the gulls. Also: Peregrine at 68th, hybrid Cinnamon X Blue-winged Teal at Salt Creek, lots of ducks and shorebirds at Salt Creek, including Dunlins, Common Goldeneyes, many Northern Pintails.
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  33. 26 Dec, SJWA LINK
    DATE: Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm, TODAY
    Apologies for the late report:Visited the refuge mid-afternoon on Thursday for my annual visit.  Pleasantly-surprised to find four AmKestrels, one of which posed for several cars of people near Marsh D.  They've been my bugaboo bird for years, so of course this year i had no camera and he was willing to sit for everyone going by...  Also surprising were the number of Barn Swallows and occasional Northern RoughWings along the same area.  In Seattle, these are mostly gone by mid-September...
    Also seen:  Golden Eagle near Pond 3, and perhaps three more kettling on thermals above the rocky hillside near the entrance;  one Loggerhead Shrike (second year in a row!) and one Turkey Vulture, near Pond 2;  several Red-tails and one Red-shoulder Hawk;  AmCoots, probably over 1000 across all ponds;  one White-faced Ibis, not far from several BlackNecked Stilts near Pond 1;  Lesser Yellowlegs, Western and Least Sandpipers in / near the entrance ponds;  numerous Northern Shovelers, Black Phoebes, Ravens, Northern Harriers, and tons of (mostly) ground-feeding (or salt-licking?) LBJs (sparrow-sized, grey in colour, few other obvious markings).
    notable misses:  only one Great Egret was seen, and no Snowy (last year, there were dozens, along with several Snowy); no AmAvocet (though one possible in entrance ponds distant in the sun reflections); no ducks besides the NOSHs and one pair of Mallard.
    Lastly:  Possible Ferruginous Hawk near intersection of 79 and Ramona Expressway.  Highway speeds are not always conducive to accuracy... Wish I lived closer :)00 caren
    sammamish wa
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  35. Salton Sea North CBC LINK
    DATE: Jan 5, 2014 @ 7:33am, 4 month(s) ago
    The Salton Sea North CBC was held on Saturday, January 4, 2014. 22 observers found 137 species, a bit below our average. Nothing was seen that hasn't been seen in our 42 year history but two species made their second appearances: Mew Gull and Cassin's Kingbird.
    No geese, but 19 species of ducks weathered the gunfire, including three merganser species. 10 species of gulls included the aforementioned Mew Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull. Four falcon species. Without totals, I know of at least 13 Vermilion Flycatchers and at least 6 Crissal Thrashers. Notable misses: geese, Horned Grebe, Costa's Hummingbird, White-throated Swift, Horned Lark, Cactus Wren, Chipping Sparrow; still a fine day without 'em. Thanks to all.
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  37. Redlands area, 1/4/14 LINK
    DATE: Jan 4, 2014 @ 11:42am, 4 month(s) ago
    Ran around the Redlands area this morning with a few local interest sightings.The Common Loon continues in the reservoir at the end of Agate in Mentone.Crafton Reservoir yielded several Common Mergansers and a Common Goldeneye amongst the numerous Ring-necked Ducks.A male and a female Hooded Merganser were at Ford Park. The number of Ring-necked Ducks has increased, but I was unable to find the Redhead that I saw on the CBC and a few days after that.I thought of checking out the end of Opal Ave, only to find a massive construction project going on. I couldn't see exactly how far north it extended, but it certainly involved areas where I have previously seen our endangered California Gnatcatchers. I sure hope this remaining population is not threatened by this project.Matt GrubeRedlands, CA
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  39. Common (I think) Loon in Mentone. LINK
    DATE: Jan 3, 2014 @ 4:48pm, 4 month(s) ago
    Spurred by an eBird alert for San Bernardino County today, I drove out to the north end if Agate in Mentone and found the Loon easily in the water reservoir along with some Ruddy and Ring-billed Ducks. I'm taking word for it that it's common because I could not differentiate bill color in the failing light. There may have been other species of duck but the light was bad and I was in a hurray.
    Sent from my iPhone
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  41. Good Saturday at the River LINK
    DATE: Dec 31, 2013 @ 5:43pm, 4 month(s) ago
    Hello everyone. A slightly early Happy New Years to all of you. I must first thank Joe Zarki for letting me know last Thursday night very nicely by phone that he had enough people already for the Joshua Tree Christmas Bird Count and for Julie Szabo for either having my email to her caught in her spam folder or for perhaps just not getting back to my last Thursday night email when I said I would gladly help with last Saturday's Christmas bird Count at Lake Elsinore if they needed help.
    The bottom line is that I was already pumped up mentally to do a full day of Saturday birding after helping on 12-14 with Big Morongo's bird count and on 12-21 with Idyllwild's one. So I decided to go out to the Colorado river near Blythe, specifically to a place almost never
    mentioned by anyone here, the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge.
    While still being in Riverside County on Neighbors Boulevard heading to the refuge, which mostly is actually barely inside of Arizona, I had the fortune of seeing a Ferruginous Hawk, a Peregrine Falcon, a Vermilion Flycatcher, my first ever Northern Shrike (some of my pictures of him clearly show the hooked bill), as well as a ton of American Kestrels and Red-tailed Hawks.
    Within the NWR itself, there were over 1300 Sandhill Cranes; about 400 Snow Geese; I think a few Ross Geese (I'm still going through my pictures); another Vermilion Flycatcher, an apparent 4th or 5th year Bald Eagle that I got within 180 feet or so of as he sat on a telephone pole; two more Peregrine Falcons, one of which let me get within ten feet of him and take pictures; three Osprey; over a hundred or more of Yellow-headed Blackbirds; at least 400 or so
    Northern Pintails; my only 2nd and 3rd ever Hermit Thrushes; 20 or so Abert's Towhees; a few Burrowing owls; a Sage Sparrow (please don't ask me which subspecies); a coyote watching ducks in one of the ponds, seven White-tailed deer standing right in front on a ton of the Sandhill Cranes almost acting like they were getting ready to play a game of Red Rover while trying to work their way past the mass of Cranes in front of them.
    Back on the California side of the River in another part of the refuge I got two more Osprey and about 53 or so Turkey Vultures. I guess the Vultures must all be liberals as they were hilariously roosting in a few nasty dead trees literally right on the California side of the river while looking out over into Arizona.
    Even though the weather only got into the very low 60's and it was cloudy, it was some of the more enjoyable bird watching days I have had in a while. Bird
    watching sure beats bird counting.
    John McCallister, CPA
    Desert Hot Springs, CA
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  43. RE: [inlandcountybirds] Mojave River Valley CBC LINK
    DATE: Dec 30, 2013 @ 1:30pm, 4 month(s) ago
    In the Jess Lakes fishing ponds ($3 fee) on the CBC:Snow Goose-4Ring-necked DucksLesser ScaupCommon Goldeneye-3Eared GrebeBCNight HeronOspreyLincoln's SparrowIn the Sun City development (gated private property, but these birds probably also frequent Jess Lakes):Greater White-fronted Goose-1Ross's Goose-1 ad. w/ cootsCommon Goldeneye-1 fMountain Bluebird-86American RobinsAt the Hesperia Golf Club:MerlinOak TitmouseCactus WrenHermit ThrushPhainopeplaChipping Sparrow-43Bob Packard
    Riverside, CA
    packardr90@...To: inlandcountybirds@yahoogroups.comFrom: bdeppe@...Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 11:11:02 -0800Subject: [inlandcountybirds] Mojave River Valley CBC
    It was a beautiful day on the High Desert yesterday for a Christmas Bird Count! A smallish team covered the area and found 121 species of birds . . . . about average for the count.
    We had two new birds for the count--a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a Sagebrush Sparrow. Other standouts included 3 Peregrine Falcons (two locations), a Eurasian Wigeon at Spring Valley Lake, 5+Common Goldeneyes in 3 locations, a Hairy Woodpecker, Townsend's Solitaire.a Vermilion Flycatcher, and a Herring Gull at the Mojave Narrows..
    All in all, it was a great day. We'll be reaching out for a little more help next year, so keep us in mind.
    Bill Deppe
    Apple Valley
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  45. NESS Dec 12 Barrow's Goldeneye LINK
    DATE: Dec 13, 2013 @ 8:56pm, 4 month(s) ago
    A female goldeneye with a yellow bill in the large flock of diving ducks (100 Redheads, scaup) offshore from the 81st Ave drain appeared to be a Barrow's Goldeneye. Chet
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  47. E Mojave today 11/6 LINK
    DATE: Nov 7, 2013 @ 8:30pm, 6 month(s) ago
    Birding the Zzyzx Desert Center I found one Lewis's Woodpecker but was not able to located the special birds noted by Brad Singer and Bill Deppe a couple of days ago. However I did have a classic Yellow-shafted Flicker and a couple of Mountain Bluebirds. Ducks are starting to arrive here at Big Bear and had a FOS adult Bald Eagle two days ago. Flicker photo of Yellow-shafted Flicker noted below.
    Sandy Remley
    Big Bear Lake
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  49. SJWA October 20 LINK
    DATE: Oct 21, 2013 @ 5:11pm, 6 month(s) ago
    There were at least three Peregrine Falcons at SJWA today, as well as two Ferruginous Hawks, White-tailed Kite, and four Mountain Bluebirds. Yesterday must gave been a hunt day, as ducks were down from several hundred/thousand to a few Ruddies and a small flock of American Wigeon, and the Mallards were plastic.
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