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· Bird photos from Mile Square RP (Aug 27, 2015)
· White-Breasted Nuthatch (Aug 27, 2015)
· Warblers at Mile Square (Aug 26, 2015)
· Warblers at Mile Square RP (Aug 26, 2015)
· Mile Square Park Northern Waterthrush and MacGillivary Warbler (Aug 26, 2015)
  1. Bird photos from Mile Square RP LINK
    DATE: Aug 27, 2015 @ 12:07am, 2 day(s) ago
    Pictures from Mile Square RP of Northern Waterthrush and Wilson's Snipe on Flickr : Don Hoechlin. Costa MesaSent from my iPhone
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  3. White-Breasted Nuthatch LINK
    DATE: Aug 27, 2015 @ 6:05pm, 1 day(s) ago
    I had a White-breasted Nuthatch in my backyard this morning -- a new backyard bird for me. It was traveling with several female Hooded orioles who were trying to feed out of the hummingbird feeders.
    Kimberlee Staff
    Trabuco Canyon
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  5. Warblers at Mile Square LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 3:18pm, 2 day(s) ago
    Great day for warblers at Mile Square RP today - Northern Waterthrush , MacGillivray's, Wilson's, Yellow, Nashville, Common Yellowthroat, Black-throated Gray and Orange-crowned. Also Warbling Vireo. No snipe while I was there. Don Hoechlin. Costa Mesa
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  7. Warblers at Mile Square RP LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 3:08pm, 2 day(s) ago
    Great day for warblers at Mile Square RP today - Northern Waterthrush , MacGillivray's, Wilson's, Yellow, Nashville, Common Yellowthroat, Black-throated Gray and Orange-crowned. Also Warbling Vireo. No snipe while I was there.
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  9. Mile Square Park Northern Waterthrush and MacGillivary Warbler LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 2:29pm, 2 day(s) ago
    The Northern Waterthrush was first spotted about 9:00 am at the northwest corner of the small pond at the Nature Center at MSRP. He was easily observed along the shore until 11:00. There were also a MacGillivary Warbler, many Wilson's, a Black-throated Gray, a Warbling Vireo and to many Orange Crowned Warblers to count.
    Jim Sculatti
    Photo Link
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    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 2:24pm, 2 day(s) ago
    At Huntington Central Park just after 9 this morning (Wednesday), a mature male HOODED WARBLER was present at the southeast corner of the "Island" area. It was very close to the location of the Red-eyed Vireo nest of a month or two back. It moved back into the shrubbery and disappeared. -- Jim Roe, Seal Beach
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  13. Northern Waterthrush LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 11:12am, 2 day(s) ago
    Just to clarify, there is a Northern Waterthrush at mile Square park at the previously mentioned area. Don Hoechlin. Costa Mesa
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  15. No Waterthrush LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 9:56am, 2 day(s) ago
    No Waterthrush present in pond area of nature center at Mile Square RP. DON HOECHLIN. COSTA MESA
    Sent from my iPhone
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  17. Yellow-headed Blackbird at San Joaquin Pond 2 and other things... LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 7:28pm, 2 day(s) ago
    This evening, I found a female Yellow-headed Blackbird on Pond 2.  She was feeding in the vegetation on the island that is more densely covered with vegetation.  Not sure that I would have spotted her without my scope.  
    There were hundreds of shorebirds on Pond C, which is at a nearly perfect water level right now for the birds to enjoy feeding in the mud.  I couldn't find anything other than Western and Least Sandpipers, Semipalmated Plovers, Black-necked Stilts, Dowitchers, American Avocets and Yellowlegs (Lesser and Greater).  Someone had written on the board at the Audubon House that they had a Baird's Sandpiper on 8/24, but I couldn't find any.  
    Other things of note today, I stopped by Laguna Niguel Regional Park at lunch and had a Nashville Warbler close to Shelter 3 and a Western Wood Pewee around Shelter 7.  
    I stopped by Mason Regional Park this afternoon before I went to San Joaquin and had a Black-throated Gray, Wilson's, Yellow, and nearly 30 Orange-crowned Warblers.
    Migration is starting to really pick up.  It's nice to hear different warbler chip notes again!
    A very distant collage of the Yellow-headed Blackbird here:
    Good birding,
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA
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  19. WILSON'S SNIPE at Mile Square Park LINK
    DATE: Aug 26, 2015 @ 5:16pm, 2 day(s) ago
    For those of us who do not use e-bird, the WILSON'S SNIPE seen yesterday continues today (Tues), in the small pond inside the fenced nature center at Mile Square Park. It is very cooperative. When I left, it was at the edge of the water near the low rail fence, within 20 feet. As you approach, it freezes. A NASHVILLE WARBLER also continues. Otherwise, a relatively slow day. -- Jim Roe, Seal Beach
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  21. 8 warblers species at Mile Square Park 8/23/15 LINK
    DATE: Aug 23, 2015 @ 2:55pm, 5 day(s) ago
    OC birders,
    Liga and I had a pleasant morning at Mile Square Park 8 AM - Noon today 23 Aug 2015. Highlights included 9 warbler species: Orange-crowned, 1-Nashville, 1-MacGillivray's (First Of Fall), Yellow, 3-Black-throated Gray, 3-Townsend's (our FOF), 1-Hermit (FOF), Wilson's, and Common Yellowthroat. Most were observed while walking the fenceline along the west side and NW corner of the closed Nature Area.
    Tom Wurster and Liga Auzins
    Garden Grove, CA 
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  23. Scott's Oriole in South Orange County LINK
    DATE: Aug 23, 2015 @ 11:20am, 5 day(s) ago
    I'm forwarding this at the request of Catherine Waters of Dana PointJoel Weintraubco-moderatorDana Point, CA"Yesterday, Saturday, August 22, we observed a brillant male Scott's Oriole in
    the taller trees on the grounds at Tree of Life Nursery that give way to the
    pasture and corral area of the adjacent Casper's Park. This bird used to be
    observed annually at Casper's Park but this is the first sighting we've had in
    that vicinity in some time."
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  25. Bird id LINK
    DATE: Aug 21, 2015 @ 12:55pm, 7 day(s) ago
    We are not experienced birders. Maybe you all can help me. We have a very small bird eating the feeder droppings on the ground. The bird has a small black eye patch that fades to a thin line. The back is buff colored. The back is incredibly smooth looking, like you could pet the bird, like a dog. I've started a search but no luck yet.
    Pam Gray, Fullerton
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  27. Green and Blue-banded Brown Pelican Reporting LINK
    DATE: Aug 20, 2015 @ 12:00pm, 8 day(s) ago
    I thought this of interest to OC birders... hope the links show up. This was put in Calbirds today.Joel WeintraubDana Point, CAco-moderator OCBirding
    As part of the Refugio oil spill that occurred in May
    2015, several Brown Pelicans have been cleaned and released with green bands,
    similar to the International Bird Rescue
    Center's blue-banded Brown Pelicans. Information on where to report banded
    birds is provided below. Please note that Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN)
    accepts Green-banded sightings and the International Bird Rescue Center (IBRC)
    accepts sightings for both Blue-banded and green-banded Brown Pelican
    Brown Pelicans can be reported by going to and
    selecting the ?green banded pelicans? tab, or by clicking directly on this link. Sightings of these birds
    will help us learn how well these birds survive after being oiled and
    Green and Blue-banded
    Brown Pelicans can be reported to the IBRC
    at the following link: contact/found-a-bird/
    Please share
    this information to help spread the word on reporting green and blue-banded
    Brown Pelicans.
    Robert McMorran
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  29. Mile Square Park still productive LINK
    DATE: Aug 20, 2015 @ 11:14pm, 8 day(s) ago
    At Mile Square Reg Park in Fountain Valley on Wednesday, there were the following at the small pond inside the fenced Nature Center: Multiple YELLOWS, WILSONS, ORANGE-CROWNEDS, and single NASHVILLE and BLACK-THROATED GRAY warblers, plus Western Tanagers, Bullock's and Hooded Orioles.
    For dragonfly enthusiasts, a Roseate Skimmer continues on the pond. Even I was impressed.
    On the fences surrounding the baseball diamond nearest the archery range were a family of VERMILION FLYCATCHERS (male, female and immature male), spotted by Joyce Brady.
    -- Jim Roe, Seal Beach
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  31. Re: Do Lawrence's Goldfinches breed in OC? LINK
    DATE: Aug 16, 2015 @ 6:38pm, 12 day(s) ago
    For anyone considering going to whiting ranch please be advised there was a mountain lion sighting today August 15th 2015
    Ocparks sign posted at Glenn Ranch Road entrance
    Anthony Gliozzo
    Mission Viejo
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  33. Do Lawrence's Goldfinches breed in OC? LINK
    DATE: Aug 15, 2015 @ 11:00am, 13 day(s) ago
    Yesterday I went into the entrance of Whiting Ranch from another less-frequently used side in El Toro. I'm not sure what that entrance is called but it's right next to a park and residential area.
    So, this area was full of Common Fiddleneck, which I have read is preferred as a food source by Lawrence's Goldfinches on their breeding grounds! Then I heard the song of a Lawrence's Goldfinch from a small oak tree right next to the weed patches (and it was definitely a LAGO, NOT a LEGO song. I also heard the distinctive tink-ul in the song. I wish I had gotten a recording!),
    and saw a female/immature Lawrence's Goldfinch sitting in the oak tree, maybe a different bird from the one singing because apparently only adult males sing, although it certainly looked like the bird singing.
    I thought this species was uncommon in Orange County during summer and fall, so I was taken by surprise! Add that to the singing + fiddleneck and is it possible Lawrence's Goldfinches breed in Orange during the summer or is it already known that they regularly do?
    Elisa Yang (Mission Viejo)
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  35. Highlights of Today's Bolsa Chica Monthly Count LINK
    DATE: Aug 14, 2015 @ 4:21pm, 14 day(s) ago
    The highlights of today's (August 14) monthly Bolsa Chica count included 7 Reddish Egrets (same as last month), 5 Ridgway's Rails, 1 Loggerhead Shrike (on the lower mesa just over the fence from the trail along the Outer Bolsa), 1 Peregrine Falcon, 3 Belted Kingfishers, and 2 California Gnatcatchers (along the Brightwater Trail). It was pretty warm to start, but we did have a slight breeze after a bit to make it not so bad.
    Terry Hill
    Huntington Beach
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  37. More Mile Square Birds LINK
    DATE: Aug 13, 2015 @ 2:54pm, 15 day(s) ago
    By the time I arrived at Mile Square Reg Park this morning (Thurs), the NASHVILLE Warbler and Western Tanager had already been spotted and departed. Walking around inside the fenced Nature Center with Joyce Brady, one of the early birders, we did spot a MACGILLIVRAY'S Warbler, a pair of LAZULI BUNTINGS (M&F), a Wilson's Warbler, a female Black-headed Grosbeak, two B-G Gnatcatchers, and along the northern(?) fence, Orange-cheeked Waxbills. A courting pair of Pin-tailed Whydahs were just outside the fence. Around the big north lake were two Cattle Egrets, still sporting some beige coloring. -- Jim Roe, Seal Beach
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  39. Mile Square Warblers LINK
    DATE: Aug 12, 2015 @ 12:56pm, 16 day(s) ago
    This morning (Wednesday) at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, around 10:30, went into the fenced Nature Center, around to the right to a shaded bench overlooking the small pond. Usually see one or two Orange-crowns and Yellows along the edge of the pond. This morning, there seemed more than usual.
    Then I noticed a male Wilson's Warbler, and then a male Western Tanager. After a few minutes, they flew to my right, into the thicket, so I followed, and hit the jackpot. There were a minimum of 10 warblers in a compact mixed flock, mostly Yellows and Orange-crowned. The Wilson's was there, along with a Nashville and what looked a bit like an Orange-crowned, but with a white line above the eye. Didn't get too long a look, but possibilities include Tennessee Warbler or a female Black-throated Blue (a stretch this time of year) or an unusually green Warbling Vireo with a narrow white line above the eye. -- Jim Roe, Seal Beach
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  41. RE: [OrangeCountyBirding] I'd help needed LINK
    DATE: Aug 12, 2015 @ 5:07pm, 16 day(s) ago
    Sounds like a Pin-tailed Whydah ? male with lengthy tail
    From: [] On Behalf Of 'p. gray' p_sgray@... [OrangeCountyBirding]Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 4:15 PMTo: OrangeCountyBirding@yahoogroups.comSubject: [OrangeCountyBirding] I'd help needed
    Just saw 2 small birds eating seeds on the ground in my backyard. Both had bright red beaks and one had a 6 inch tail. They are about sparrow size with sparrow type markings.Thanks,Pam GrayFullerton
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  43. I'd help needed LINK
    DATE: Aug 11, 2015 @ 4:14pm, 17 day(s) ago
    Just saw 2 small birds eating seeds on the ground in my backyard. Both had bright red beaks and one had a 6 inch tail. They are about sparrow size with sparrow type markings.
    Pam Gray
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  45. Solitary Sandpiper Sunday Afternoon LINK
    DATE: Aug 10, 2015 @ 7:45am, 19 day(s) ago
    A single Solitary Sandpiper continued at Lincoln Basin in Anaheim on Aug 9. It was seen in the larger of the two mud pondlets behind the berm as previously described. I posted two photos on my Flickr account
    Jim Hecht
    Hermosa Beach CA
    condor262001 Explore condor262001's 45 photos on Flickr!
    View on
    Preview by Yahoo
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  47. Willow Flycatchers LINK
    DATE: Aug 9, 2015 @ 1:20pm, 19 day(s) ago
    I ran into a couple of interesting empids today.
    I encountered a compact flycatcher in the patch below Garfield Ave. at Harriet Wieder Park. It had gray underparts and made "wit" calls from time to time. It didn't have the shape or dusky breast "jacket" of a Pewee. It was zipping about quite a bit and I was never able to get good looks at it before I lost it.
    Later at Huntington Central Park I encountered another empid over the water along the east shore of Talbert Lake about midway between the two clumps of cottonwoods. This is at the west end of the big grassy expanse where there are some half dead myoporum bushes. I only saw the bird for a few seconds at about eye level about 20 feet out, but I definitely saw a compact empid with rounded head, brownish toned upperparts, two buffy wingbars and a medium sized bill.
    I feel the Wieder bird was possibly a Willow Flycatcher and the HCP bird almost certainly a Willow. Alas, no photos. Both would be early migrants.
    Roger Schoedl
    Huntington Beach
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  49. Fwd: Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Regarding the previous message: "Solitary Sandpipers in n.w. Orange" LINK
    DATE: Aug 9, 2015 @ 9:33am, 19 day(s) ago
    If you go look for the bird, there is a berm at the back of the pond and behind that are 2 little mud puddles. When I left,  the bird was in one of the mud puddles.
    If there is no parking in the lot on Lincoln you can park in the neighborhood off South and Westgate, or on Rio Vista, which is a bit further, but still a nice walk.
    Trish Gussler, Anaheim >>> .
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