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· Palm Warbler on Brightwater Trail (TODAY)
· Leucistic California Towhee and Lawrence's Goldfinches 2-28-2015 (Mar 1, 2015)
· Varied Thrush (Feb 26, 2015)
· Eurasian Wigeon (Feb 26, 2015)
· Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] RFI: Mountain Quail (Feb 25, 2015)
  1. Palm Warbler on Brightwater Trail LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 1:52pm, TODAY
    At 8:15 this morning I walked the Brightwater Trail at Bolsa Chica to look for the Burrowing Owl. I did not find the owl but did see a Palm Warbler. It seems early in the year for adult breeding plumage but this bird had a bright rufous crown, yellow throat and yellow undertail. It was seen in full sunlight in a mixed flock of Yellow-rumps, House finches and Lesser goldfinches. They were about 100 feet west of the owl's burrow.
    Also saw 2 Hooded Mergansers, Red-breasted Mergansers, 2 Redheads (in the channel below) and visited the Great-horned Owls nest where the oldest chick was very visible.
    David Evans
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  3. Leucistic California Towhee and Lawrence's Goldfinches 2-28-2015 LINK
    DATE: Mar 1, 2015 @ 10:06pm, 5 day(s) ago
    At the end of Peachwood Drive in Lake Forest a leucistic California Towhee was seen and photographed as well as a pair of Lawrence's Goldfinches, both male and female
    Details and images can be found here
    Comments welcomed.
    Anthony GliozzoMission Viejo
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  5. Varied Thrush LINK
    DATE: Feb 26, 2015 @ 10:10am, 8 day(s) ago
    Quick trip around HCP this morning and came up with three female Varied Thrush , lake end of Tree Island , and a Lincoln's Sparrow by the fenced garden. Don Hoechlin. Costa Mesa
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  7. Eurasian Wigeon LINK
    DATE: Feb 26, 2015 @ 6:56pm, 8 day(s) ago
    Had a male Eurasian Wigeon just west of the Hamilton bridge over the Santa Ana River ( Carl's parking lot ) today at 1430. Don Hoechlin Costa Mesa
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  9. Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] RFI: Mountain Quail LINK
    DATE: Feb 25, 2015 @ 9:31am, 9 day(s) ago
    Isaac, I heard Mountain Quail calling last week from the Morgan Trail just off South Main Divide Road at the top of Ortega Highway (Hwy 74). This is about 25 miles northeast of I-5 and just outside the limits of Orange County.
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  11. RFI: Mountain Quail LINK
    DATE: Feb 25, 2015 @ 8:17am, 9 day(s) ago
    My wife and I will be in OC March 8-10. What is your recommendation for Mountain Quail within a one hours drive from Irvine? I know it is not an optimum time of the year, so this is a long shot.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Isaac Sanchez
    Austin, TX
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  13. RE: [OrangeCountyBirding] Concessionaire at LNRP harassing birds LINK
    DATE: Feb 25, 2015 @ 10:49pm, 9 day(s) ago
    For what it?s worth, I thought I?d just mention that for birders that carry cameras, these activities would be good to photo document. I?ve taken photos of the hazing that a fishing concessionaire has at least occasionally been doing (for a few years) on American White Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants at the Santa Ana River Lakes, at the mouth of the Santa Ana Canyon (east Anaheim). I am embarrassed to say I have not followed through with this, but I think photo-documenting the harassing/hazing activities would be advisable, in case this is something that the resource agencies have not issued some sort of authorization for, and the concessionaire claims they haven?t been engaged in said activity. I don?t know if there could be some sort of CDFW or USFWS permit that would allow hazing (non-lethal harassment) of birds?such as in the case where a fishing concession is concerned about impacts to their business (not that that?s necessarily right). If so, it would certainly have to involve non-breeding species, or be outside the nesting season. I?m just curious if that?s a possibility.
    Doug Willick
    Orange, CA
    From: [] On Behalf Of vicleipzig@... [OrangeCountyBirding]
    Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 10:10 PM
    To: deedee4re@...
    Cc: khalifa.amin@...;
    Subject: Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Concessionaire at LNRP harassing birds
    I assure you that Sea & Sage will be all over this!
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  15. Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Concessionaire at LNRP harassing birds LINK
    DATE: Feb 25, 2015 @ 10:09pm, 9 day(s) ago
    DeeDee, I assure you that Sea & Sage will be all over this!
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  17. Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Concessionaire at LNRP harassing birds LINK
    DATE: Feb 25, 2015 @ 8:33pm, 9 day(s) ago
    Fish and wildlife was supposed to set up a sting operation a few years ago because there were allegations he was shooting the White Pelicans. About 12 White Pelicans would be sightednthe day before the lake was stocked. Mysteriously, they would be gone the day of the stocking. It was like pulling teeth to get anyone to do anything.
    The other thing that has happened is allegedly, multiple summers the aerators are operating long enough and up to 350 ducks and geese have been killed because he did not want to spend the money to run the aerators. You can google the OC Register to read the articles about this.
    The concessions renewal is coming up very soon. I wish Audubon can get involved to do something. Witnesses are needed to tell their story. DeeDee Gollwitzer
    Laguna Hills
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    On Feb 23, 2015, at 7:21 PM, "vicleipzig@... [OrangeCountyBirding]" <> wrote:
    Good work! Thanks greatly for taking the initiative on this. Coincidently, I just met the head ranger at LNRP and will contact him and let him know that Sea & Sage is supportive of your complaint and that the organization wants to be kept apprised of action on this matter.
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  19. Huntington Central Park birds LINK
    DATE: Feb 24, 2015 @ 2:37pm, 10 day(s) ago
    While birding the east side of Huntington Central Park from 10:30-noon, we saw a Varied Thrush flitting among trees just north of the library, a 2nd year Glaucous-winged Gull in the main part of the lake, and a Lark Sparrow near the fenced garden.
    Dick & Pat Cabe
    Huntington Beach
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  21. Yard bird Varied Thrush Laguna Niguel CA LINK
    DATE: Feb 24, 2015 @ 11:21am, 10 day(s) ago
    Outside my home in south Laguna
    Niguel this morning at 6:15a TUE 2/24/15 I had a singing male VARIED THRUSH.
    The bird was sitting and singing short trills from a bare tree, giving great
    looks. It appeared another bird was nearby counter-singing with shorter, softer
    trills, but I never got a look at that bird. Cool yard bird.
    Robert McNab
    Laguna Niguel
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  23. Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Concessionaire at LNRP harassing birds LINK
    DATE: Feb 24, 2015 @ 7:21pm, 10 day(s) ago
    Amin, Good work! Thanks greatly for taking the initiative on this. Coincidently, I just met the head ranger at LNRP and will contact him and let him know that Sea & Sage is supportive of your complaint and that the organization wants to be kept apprised of action on this matter.
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  25. RE: Concessionaire at LNRP LINK
    DATE: Feb 24, 2015 @ 6:47pm, 10 day(s) ago
    Kudos, Amin, for bringing this to the attention of park rangers and other appropriate agencies. White Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants are harassed at innumerable locations for foraging on fish that are stocked for recreational fishing. In Idaho, this has even led to the killing of pelicans in order to maintain stocks of rainbow trout, and that of two native subspecies of cutthroat trout that are prized by fishermen (IDFG 2009). Interestingly, the wing-tagged pelicans we've been seeing in the county in recent years are related to the management of this species in Idaho. Currently in Oregon, there are plans underway at the mouth of the Columbia River to shoot nearly 11,000 cormorants by the end of 2018 and to pour oil over 26,000 nests to prevent eggs from hatching (The Oregonian, 6 Feb 2015). All of this is in order to protect endangered juvenile salmon and steelhead trout. Complicated and difficult wildlife management decisions at work. The correct ones?
    Jim Pike
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  27. Concessionaire at LNRP harassing birds LINK
    DATE: Feb 24, 2015 @ 4:54pm, 10 day(s) ago
    I wanted to relate to you a scene I witnessed while birding at LNRP this morning. I arrived at the Park at around 9:30 this morning and after birding the tennis court area of the park proceeded up to the lake where I observed a man in a motorboat (the fishing concessionaire) picking up some flotsam from near the dam and moving it to the shore. About an hour later, on my return North on the lake, I saw the same aluminum boat and man going at a very high rate of speed near the "big island". I was curious to why he was doing this so looked through my binoculars and saw him speed towards the dam side of the lake and to my horror try to run down a cormorant! The cormorant flew and he then veered his boat at the next one and he might have done so a third time, although I'm not sure. I confronted him and told him I was reporting him to Ca fish and wildlife and to the park ranger, he didn't deny that he was scaring the birds off the lake. I have seen the same boat on several occasions in the past six moths going at a high rate of speed but didn't pay attention to what he was doing. I now realize that this isn't the first time that he has done this. Earlier I had seen two Pelicans fly off and I now wonder if he hadn't scared them off as well. I have filed complaints to both OCParks and CA Fish and Game and OCParks says they are treating this incident very seriously and will take action.
    By the way I didn't observe any rare birds, but I counted well over a hundred yellow-rumped warblers and many of the usual suspects, coots, Canada geese, ruddy ducks, western bluebirds were also in abundance today.
    Amin Khalifa
    Laguna Niguel
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  29. Leucistic Hummingbird in Yorba Linda LINK
    DATE: Feb 23, 2015 @ 12:21am, 12 day(s) ago
    While out in my backyard Saturday afternoon, I saw this flash of white go by to my left, but as I turned to identify what it could be, it was gone. But I knew it was something unusual that I hadn't seen before. So I grabbed my camera and hoped whatever it was would return. It did.
    Having never seen a white Hummingbird, a quick google search seems to indicate that it is leucistic... there are albino Hummers, but they have pink eyes and feet, which this one does not seem to have from what I can tell. I don't know what species it is, and I'm hoping someone here can help with the ID... Anna's perhaps? I live in Yorba Linda.
    The IQ is not great as they are fairy heavy crops, but I was thrilled to be able to document this rare visitor and thought it would be of interest to the group. BensonYorba Linda
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  31. Seal Beach NWR LINK
    DATE: Feb 22, 2015 @ 7:39am, 13 day(s) ago
    San Bernardino Valley Audubon visited the Refuge yesterday, Feb 21, and as always was nicely entertained with the abundant birdlife for the middle of winter. Although the geese had left and raptors were few, we still were able to see a Brant, Ferruginous Hawk, Merlin, and many Red-taileds. Shorebirds included six Pacific Golden-Plovers, five Red Knots, over a hundred Dunlin, and many Black-bellied Plovers, Curlews and Godwits. Of course it is always nice to see the many Ridgeway's Rails and a Reddish Egret, but the highlight of the day besides the Nelson's Sparrow on Hog Island was the unexpected Sage Thrasher in the same area.
    Brad Singer
    Lake Arrowhead
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  33. Goldeneye LINK
    DATE: Feb 22, 2015 @ 5:39pm, 12 day(s) ago
    Two female Goldeneye were in the Santa Ana river channel near the large stacks at the PCH end of the Hamilton/PCH segment. Don Hoechlin. Costa Mesa.
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  35. Black-and-white Warbler and Hooded Merganser at LNRP LINK
    DATE: Feb 21, 2015 @ 11:22am, 13 day(s) ago
    Near the shelters by the creek, at 9:00 today.
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    Elisa Yang (14 year old birder)
    Mission Viejo, OC
    Sorry the image is below the signature, this iPad is really annoying and won't let me write anything under the image.
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  37. Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker LINK
    DATE: Feb 21, 2015 @ 10:23am, 13 day(s) ago
    I ran into a Northern Flicker this morning at Huntington Central Park that by all appearances is a pure yellow-shafted form. It had black malar stripes, a brown face and throat, grey crown and nape, a red "V" on the nape, and yellow under the wings and tail. The bird was hanging around the east side of swampy part of the Jack Green area.
    A male Varied Thrush and a "Myrtle" Yellow-rumped Warbler were the only other halfway interesting birds around. I searched for but did not find the Winter Wren.
    Roger Schoedl
    Huntington Beach
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  39. Masked Booby Article in Dana Point News LINK
    DATE: Feb 20, 2015 @ 9:08am, 14 day(s) ago
    Group,This week's Dana Point News ( has a story about the Masked Booby which was found at the Dana Point Jetty. The day after it's discovery, it was found dead on the jetty, and retrieved a few days later for the Los Angeles Natural History collection.I and others were interviewed by the news person. There is one error I can see in the article. I indicated I was involved in the Dana Point section of the San Juan Capistrano Christmas Bird Count and that morphed to being responsible for the logistics of the whole count area.In any case, take a look. The photo taken of the live bird is on the cover of the News.Joel WeintraubDana Point, CA
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  41. ID help on a possible fe Red-winged Blackbird in Cox Park? LINK
    DATE: Feb 20, 2015 @ 4:58pm, 14 day(s) ago
    I saw a possible female Red-winged Blackbird in Cox Park, foraging with a group of Brewer's Blackbirds and didn't see or hear any males nearby. I have posted a photo in the Blackbirds album. (Cox Park is in Ladera Ranch, seen last Saturday)
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  43. RFI: Japanese-like White-eyes LINK
    DATE: Feb 19, 2015 @ 10:33am, 15 day(s) ago
    White-eyes that may or may not be "Japanese" (Zosterops japonicus) continue to radiate outward from their Newport Beach-Costa Mesa stronghold in the county. Kimball Garrett at the LA Natural History Museum is interested in netting some birds in hopes of determining exactly which species of Zosterops is involved in this expansion. I have thought of a few secluded locations (eg, a cemetery in Costa Mesa) where he might be able to conduct this operation, but a backyard would be ideal. For example, I recently received an email from someone living along Beach and Atlanta in HB that had 10 birds visiting and perhaps nesting in her yard. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where Kimball might be able to safely net some white-eyes without disturbance? Feel free to send me a personal email if you can assist in some way.
    Jim Pike
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  45. Odds & Ends LINK
    DATE: Feb 19, 2015 @ 5:22pm, 15 day(s) ago
    I did some birding up at Balboa and Huntington Beaches this morning. 
    There was a single Dunlin on Balboa Beach, as well as a half-dozen or so Red-throated Loons just offshore and approximately 40 Snowy Plovers.
    On Huntington State Beach there was a single second cycle Herring Gull mixed in with a flock of Western Gulls, three Mew Gulls (one first cycle, one advanced first cycle or retarded second cycle, and one adult; all between towers 3 and 4), an Osprey perched up on a distribution pole, ten or so Royal Terns and eight Forster's Terns on the beach, and 16 Snowy Plovers. Sanderlings were abundant at the surf's edge. 
    In the Santa Ana River between PCH and Victoria, a single Brant was present in the main channel, a single female Red-breasted Merganser was in the wetland area immediately to the east, a single Caspian Tern was present with a few Forster's Terns and a bunch of California and Western Gulls on a mudflat just upriver of PCH, and a flock of around 16 Bonaparte's Gulls flew overhead. The continuing Mute Swan kept on continuing a mile upriver from PCH, closer to Victoria.
    Finally, while at Balboa Beach, a sea lion pup was present on the beach underneath the pier and was somewhat approachable, though it did begin retreating toward the surf when we got too close. A pod of three dolphins was present within 100 feet of the surf line and gave great views.
    Ryan Winkleman
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  47. Collared-doves @ Bolsa Chica LINK
    DATE: Feb 18, 2015 @ 6:03am, 17 day(s) ago
    The other day I noticed three Eurasian Collared-doves on the mesa at Bolsa Chica near the Eucalyptus grove. Yesterday, Steve Smith sent me a photo of two of them which I posted in the Doves folder. They appear to be paired up and will probably nest there. They have reached the coast.
    Enjoy, Al Borodayko
    Cypress, CA
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  49. Loggerhead Shrike again LINK
    DATE: Feb 18, 2015 @ 7:32pm, 16 day(s) ago
    Hi OC Birders, I refound the Loggerhead Shrike that watches the Graham Street field next to the Wintersburg Channel. This morning it was in a backyard tree just four houses in from Graham Street, south of Warner Avenue in Huntington Beach. This is the north side, opposite the channel. I also believe it spends the night in a large Brazilian Pepper that grows right next to the Graham St sidewalk where the driveway entrance to the field is roped off. I could hear it in there this morning making early morning sounds, although the tree is so full I couldn't spot it. When I did spot it in the fourth backyard later, it was calling at first, and those calls were similar to what I heard earlier in the pepper tree.
    Pictures today are dark. It was early and still gloomy.
    Rick Shearer
    Huntington Beach
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