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· Pin-tailed Whydah in Mission Viejo on Monday (Jul 31, 2015)
· Re: Help w/ bird ID - SJWS possible Japanese white-eye. (Jul 28, 2015)
· Help w/ bird ID - SJWS possible Japanese white-eye. (Jul 28, 2015)
· Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Present at Bolsa Chica Wetlands (Jul 28, 2015)
· House Finch with a strange call? (Jul 28, 2015)
  1. Pin-tailed Whydah in Mission Viejo on Monday LINK
    DATE: Jul 31, 2015 @ 6:21pm, 4 day(s) ago
    Greetings ...
    Late report here - on Monday morning Brett saw an unusual bird at our backyard feeders with a very long tail and bright orange beak. After being out of town, today we downloaded a photo he took of the bird, compared it to images on-line, and determined it was a Pin-tailed Whydah. We've heard others mention them but were not really aware of what they look like - rather spectacular! Unfortunately he hasn't been back, but maybe still in the area .....
    Joan & Brett Rubin
    Mission Viejo
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  3. Re: Help w/ bird ID - SJWS possible Japanese white-eye. LINK
    DATE: Jul 28, 2015 @ 2:44pm, 7 day(s) ago
    Thank you all for your great IDs and explanations. I'll have to go with Common Yellowthroat for this one!Thanks again,Elisa Y. mission Viejo
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  5. Help w/ bird ID - SJWS possible Japanese white-eye. LINK
    DATE: Jul 28, 2015 @ 12:49pm, 7 day(s) ago
    Some think this bird is a White-eye, others not so sure, and it was seen foraging on the ground, an odd place for a a White-eye to feed.Thanks for the help.
    Imgur Imgur: full of all the magic and wonders of the Internet.
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    Imgur Imgur: full of all the magic and wonders of the Internet.
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    -Elisa Yang (yb)
    Mission Viejo, CA
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  7. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Present at Bolsa Chica Wetlands LINK
    DATE: Jul 28, 2015 @ 11:59am, 7 day(s) ago
    I located the YCNH early this a.m. (6:30ish a.m.) under the first bridge which crosses over the channel. Despite previous reports the bird was pretty accommodating, I found the bird quite shy. I was able to get a couple photos before the bird crossed the channel northerly and over the tidal basin to rest on a submerged log at the edge of the tidal basin where it remained during my stay. Of note to me (perhaps not you!) were 54 Greater Egrets together in the basin there most in the water hunting with a few Snowy Egrets among them. I'm not sure I have ever seen that many together there.
    Happy birding,
    Sherry Meddick
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  9. House Finch with a strange call? LINK
    DATE: Jul 28, 2015 @ 6:58pm, 7 day(s) ago
    I have a bird calling in my yard that I've never heard.  At first I thought it must be an escaped cage bird.Anybody ever hear this call before?
    Trrish Gussler, Anaheim
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  11. Help a Research Project on Birders and Make $$$ for Yourself or Sea & Sage LINK
    DATE: Jul 28, 2015 @ 6:45pm, 7 day(s) ago
    I'm forwarding this at the request of Dr. Jessie Peissig of California State University Fullerton. Respond to her. ThanksJoel WeintraubDana Point, CA
    The Peissig Vision Lab at California State University Fullerton is interested in
    the special skills that birders develop and what these can tell us about how the
    brain works. The study is run by Dr. Jessie Peissig, an Associate Professor of
    Cognitive Neuroscience in the Psychology department at California State
    University Fullerton, who specializes in visual expertise. The study takes place
    at the California State University Fullerton campus, and free parking will be
    provided. The study takes approximately 2 hours total, and sessions can be
    scheduled at select times during the week and weekends, including early
    evenings. As compensation, participants will be given $15 cash for each hour of
    participation. If you prefer, your participant pay can be donated to the Sea and
    Sage Education Fund. All different skill levels of birding are encouraged to
    participate. Also, if you have a non-birder friend or significant other, please
    bring him/her along, because non-birders are also needed. Results of the study
    will be made available to participants on request. Please contact the Peissig
    Vision Lab at jpeissig@...
    or telephone (657) 278-8278 if you are interested in participating, and either
    Dr. Jessie Peissig or her research assistant Grace Luu will be happy to discuss
    the study and arrange an appointment.
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  13. Red-footed Booby at Newport Pier 23 July LINK
    DATE: Jul 28, 2015 @ 5:22pm, 7 day(s) ago
    I received a message from Kimball Garrett earlier today that an immature Red-footed Booby was found on Newport Pier on 23 July. The bird was picked up by a rehabber, but died in captivity yesterday (26 July). This is the first record for Orange County, and the second occurrence this month of a bird in ill health found on the coast (the other in San Diego 5-6 July died a couple weeks later while in rehab).
    Tom Benson
    San Bernardino, CA
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  15. Pictures of Yellow-crowned Night-heron at Bolsa Chcia LINK
    DATE: Jul 27, 2015 @ 2:35pm, 8 day(s) ago
    I've posted two pictures of the juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-heron in the Waders album on OC Birding that I took on July 26 at Bolsa Chica. One is of the bird in the water, probably looking for fish, but not something I've ever seen before.
    Terry Hill
    Huntington Beach
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  17. Re: Spotted Sandpiper Along Aliso Creek LINK
    DATE: Jul 27, 2015 @ 11:18am, 8 day(s) ago
    I've added a couple of photos of the Spotted Sandpiper to the "Shorebirds" folder.  I have a brief 4 second long video too, but it's nearly 9 MB, and therefore, too large to upload to the group website.
    See you on the trails,
    Tom EastmanCosta MesaP     Please consider the environment before printing this message.
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  19. Spotted Sandpiper Along Aliso Creek LINK
    DATE: Jul 27, 2015 @ 9:16pm, 8 day(s) ago
    This morning I led a bird walk for the Laguna Canyon Foundation at Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and at approximately 10 AM we encountered a Spotted Sandpiper along Aliso Creek (east of, and parallel to, Alicia Parkway) where it crosses under Aliso Creek Road. When first spotted, the sandpiper was on the east bank just north of the bridge, but when we approached, it flew to the pond just south of the bridge. As we came back south, the bird flew below the spillway and I put a spotting scope on the bird for everyone to get a closer look. I was able to get some digiscope photos that should be sufficient for ID, and grabbed a couple of digiscope videos that documented the classic tail-bobbing behavior. (I need to get them off my phone, and will try to put them in the appropriate folder tomorrow morning.) I realize that they're expected to be around in the winter, but this is the first time I've seen one in the county in the middle of summer.
    See you on the trails,
    Tom Eastman
    Costa Mesa
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  21. Yellow-crowned Night-heron present this afternoon at Bolsa Chica LINK
    DATE: Jul 27, 2015 @ 4:49pm, 8 day(s) ago
    I went down to Bolsa Chica this afternoon to take a quick look for the YCNH and found it in the Wintersburg Channel. After not finding it in the Pocket Pond (aka muted tidal pond), I walked a little way up the channel to look at some birds. As I was coming back, I spotted it just on the far side of the bridge (South side). It was on the rocks right next to the water. I stood on the trail taking pics, and it seemed to be more "skittish" than previously reported. It got into the water and stood almost up to its neck (I have pictures of that too!). It came out after a few minutes, then flew to the other side of the channel (next to the pocket pond). I went over to that side, and it flew up the channel a short ways, then went under the bridge. I got some good pictures there from the trail, then decided it was time to leave. I saw it from 3:40 to 3:50. I've compared my pics with pics online and the markings and bill match the Y-C. Any ideas about why it stood in the water--was it trying to "hide" from me?
    Terry Hill
    Huntington Beach
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  23. First Year Male Vermilion Flycatcher at Mile Square Regional Park LINK
    DATE: Jul 26, 2015 @ 2:24pm, 9 day(s) ago
    I saw a first year male Vermilion Flycatcher at Mile Square Regional Park today. Also saw lots of young Western Bluebirds, a male American Robin, Lesser Goldfinches eating the grasses and weeds that went to seed, numerous Black Phoebes, Mourning Doves, and heard a woodpecker drumming, but couldn't find it.Karen McQuadeFountain Valley
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  25. Yellow-crowned Night Heron continues at Bolsa LINK
    DATE: Jul 26, 2015 @ 10:34am, 9 day(s) ago
    Just observed the bird at the exact same location I reported on Tuesday.
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA
    Sent from my iPhone
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  27. Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] hooded warblers on H Bird feeder since 7-14-15 LINK
    DATE: Jul 25, 2015 @ 12:33pm, 10 day(s) ago
    I have both mature and immature hooded orioles (usually in pairs or singley )coming to my feeders all season. I also put out grape jelly in a hanging container that they love. An orange crowned warbler was also here a lot this spring at both the sugar water and jelly feeders but not lately.Cheryl Overend
    Laguna Hills
    On Jul 25, 2015, at 10:10 AM, mraufderheide@... [OrangeCountyBirding] <> wrote:
    We had a pair of Hooded Warblers on our feeder (hummingbird) since July 14 in Mission Viejo. Will post a photo. Marie Aufderheide, Mission Viejo
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  29. Correction on Hooded orioles LINK
    DATE: Jul 25, 2015 @ 11:22am, 10 day(s) ago
    Sorry , I meant Hooded Orioles. Thanks for the help. Photo is in Blackbirds file. Marie Aufderheide, Mission Viejo
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  31. hooded warblers on H Bird feeder since 7-14-15 LINK
    DATE: Jul 25, 2015 @ 10:10am, 10 day(s) ago
    We had a pair of Hooded Warblers on our feeder (hummingbird) since July 14 in Mission Viejo. Will post a photo. Marie Aufderheide, Mission Viejo
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  33. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron continues at Bolsa Chica LINK
    DATE: Jul 25, 2015 @ 8:12am, 10 day(s) ago
    The juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron is present at its previously reported location at Bolsa Chica, 8:10 am, Jul 25.
    Tom Benson
    San Bernardino, CA
    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SŪ 6.
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  35. Dark-Eyed Junco & Western Tanagers at Central Park Today LINK
    DATE: Jul 24, 2015 @ 2:51pm, 11 day(s) ago
    I birded Huntington Central Park this morning with Jan Wilson and another birder. I first showed them the Red-eyed Vireo nest in the Island, but the vireo was not on the nest, so we moved on. Right outside the Island (southeast side), Jan heard a Dark-eyed Junco call, then do its buzzy song, then spotted it. I picked it up as it was moving through a small tree and flew into the Island. We both agreed it was an "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco, Jan especially because she recognized its call & song. Our next unusual birds were Western Tanagers, one set of three on the northern side of the Island (two males & a female), and another set of three (one male, two female) near the Slater Ave. parking lot just past the restroom, across the gully.
    Terry Hill
    Huntington Beach
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  37. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron no show this morning at BC LINK
    DATE: Jul 23, 2015 @ 6:46pm, 12 day(s) ago
    I started at the northeast corner of the Pocket Pond at 8:30 this morning (7/22) at Bolsa Chica. No sign of the Yellow-crowned Night-heron there, so I made a complete loop of the pond, which took me almost 3 hours because the tide started going out and more and more birds were arriving, which I was trying to count them all! When I got back to my starting point, there was one birder there, Fred Hofstedder (sp.?), from Monterey, who was also looking for the bird. We spent a little more time looking from there through his scope, then gave up. I saw no other birders looking for the heron this morning. I did see four Reddish Egrets. I also took Fred over to Central Park to show him the Red-eyed Vireo nest (which he couldn't find yesterday). Found the nest, but no Vireo in the 10 minutes I was there. Perhaps he found it after I left.
    I'll be interested in knowing if anyone found the heron today.
    Terry Hill
    Huntington Beach, Calif.
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  39. Yellow-crowned Night Heron continues at Bolsa Chica 21 JUL LINK
    DATE: Jul 22, 2015 @ 8:34pm, 13 day(s) ago
    Searching for just over an hour this afternoon, I finally found the bird hiding in the dead trees on the north edge of the muted-tidal pool (I think that's what the area is called, not sure).  Anyways, GPS where I had the bird was: 33.706696, -118.045293  Parking in the development just to the north of that location (Oceanridge Dr and Kennebunk Ln) will put you very close to where the bird likes to hang out.  I was able to get a few photos today showing the profile really well and many of the other diagnostic characteristics that helps ID this as a Yellow-crowned Night Heron.
    Tom Benson had this to say about the bird, as there was some talk of it possibly being a hybrid Black-crowned / Yellow-crowned Night Heron:
    "Structurally, I think this bird looks pretty good for a YCNH; it has long legs and a short tail, and the very stout bill can be seen well in your profile shot where the bird is facing right. There is a little bit of yellowish coloration at the base of the lower mandible, but it is not very extensive and I believe within the range of variation for this species (I have a photo of one from Imperial Beach that shows a similar amount of yellow in the lower mandible). In terms of plumage this bird seems to be quite fresh, so a relatively young juvenile. It has pale margins to the secondary coverts, diagnostic for YCNH in all plumages. It has triangular spots at the tips of the upper wing coverts that are quite similar to birds I photographed in Imperial Beach and Bolsa Chica, although perhaps a bit larger because they have not experienced any wear yet. Mike Huang's photo shows small white spots rather than streaks on the back, another point in favor of YCNH. The general pattern of streaking and coloration on the head and under parts also seems pretty consistent with YCNH. So, I guess that's just a long-winded way of saying I think it's a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, and don't see any reason to call it a hybrid."
    Good birding. 
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA 
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  41. Re: BLACK TERN (2) At San Joaquin LINK
    DATE: Jul 21, 2015 @ 9:01pm, 14 day(s) ago
    A few more details on the Black Terns.  There were a handful of us that were able to observe them all evening until we left.  The birds would feed over Ponds A and B, them retreat back to the island on Pond 1 to rest.  They favored perching on small snags that stick out of the water on the Northeast side of the island in Pond 1.  Best viewed through a scope, as they really tend to blend in quite well.  One bird is quite worn while the other is still in mostly alternative plumage.  
    A few photos below.
    Black Tern
    Black TernSan Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Pond B Irvine, CA 20 JUL 2015
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    Black Tern
    Black TernSan Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Pond B Irvine, CA 20 JUL 2015
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    Black Tern
    Black TernSan Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Pond B Irvine, CA 20 JUL 2015
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    Good birding.
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA
    On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 5:15 PM, <jbray4913@...> wrote:Currently watching two BLACK TERNS flying around and feeding between ponds B and 1.
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA
    Sent from my iPhone
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  43. BLACK TERN (2) At San Joaquin LINK
    DATE: Jul 21, 2015 @ 5:15pm, 14 day(s) ago
    Currently watching two BLACK TERNS flying around and feeding between ponds B and 1.
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA
    Sent from my iPhone
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  45. Yellow Crowned Night Heron Juvie LINK
    DATE: Jul 20, 2015 @ 6:58pm, 15 day(s) ago
    _DSC1693 Yellow Crowned Night Heron
    _DSC1693 Yellow Crowned Night Heron
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    Spotted this Yellow Crowned Night Heron at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands this morning.
    We have seen a juvie there each year for the past three years or so but never an adult.
    Happy Birding,
    Dawn Macheca
    Huntington Beach
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  47. Santa Ana River- Imperial to Lakeview LINK
    DATE: Jul 19, 2015 @ 12:33pm, 16 day(s) ago
    I birded the Santa Ana river at Imperial Hwy this morning looking to see what might be around.There were scattered groups of Dowitchers and Least Sandpipers and 2 very distant Western Sandpipers  that I was trying hard to make into Baird's.
    Most of the birds were just a short walk from the parking lot near the corner. Other than that, the best sighting was Mike Huang.
    I then went down to Lakeview and birded around there. I found a pair of nesting Western Kingbirds with a chick in the nest. There were many Greater and fewer (one) Lesser Yellowlegs.
    A tagged Turkey Vulture F3 flew over, which I've reported to BBL and PB. One male Northern Red Bishop was across the river. Birds are picking up. Yay!
    Trish Gussler, Anaheim
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  49. San Joaquin Marsh activity 19 JUL LINK
    DATE: Jul 19, 2015 @ 11:23am, 16 day(s) ago
    I birded around the ponds this morning from 7am - 9am.  Weather was warm and very humid.  I was drenched by the time I left, but it was worth it.  Pond A was incredible.  Not sure if the rain yesterday stirred up the small fish in there or what, but just about every bird at the marsh was on Pond A feeding on small fish.  At one point, I was able to count at least 40 Snowy Egrets.  The Caspian, Forster's and Least Terns were plentiful and made for some great photo ops as well.  I had one Least Bittern fly across Pond 2.  There was a group of 6 Greater Yellowlegs on Pond 2 as well.  
    Shorebirds are starting to trickle back in as well.  Remember to keep your eye out for Semipalmated, Baird's, Pectoral and Solitary Sandpipers in the coming weeks.  
    Pond C has water once again.  It was refilled this past week.  I found out that they had drained it in order get rid of some type of invasive blue-green algae.
    Good birding
    Jeff Bray
    Irvine, CA
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