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· Northern Gannett present (TODAY)
· Northern Gannet (TODAY)
· Fwd: LACoBirds] Cassin's Sparrow in Castaic (Los Anges County) (TODAY)
· Kelp Gull identification (May 28, 2015)
· Re: [SFBirds] Gannet back on Alcatraz (May 28, 2015)
  1. Northern Gannett present LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 11:37am, TODAY
    . The continuing Northern Gannett was present on Alcatraz between 10:45 and 11:30 a.m., when I left. It flew around one, chased by gulls then returned to the perch next to the top of the chimney shaped structure.
    Finally my Lifer after at least 7 tries. Thank you David Assmann for keeping those reports coming in.
    Chet Ogan
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  3. Northern Gannet LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 7:43am, 1 day(s) ago
    The Gannet continues on Alcatraz
    David Assmann
    San Francisco
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  5. Fwd: LACoBirds] Cassin's Sparrow in Castaic (Los Anges County) LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 5:49pm, TODAY
    From: "Michael Feighner" <feinervogel94551@...>To: "Jim Moore" <moorebirder@...>, calbirds@yahoogroups.comSent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:46:50 PMSubject: LACoBirds] Cassin's Sparrow in Castaic (Los Angeles County)
    Making sure this reaches the CALBIRDS community...
    Mike Feighner, Livermore, Alameda County
    Continues this morning at 9:15, May 28 at the same location described earlier. It could be heard frequently singing at a distance of 200 yards and easily seen in its display flight, landing usually in open view on the tops of sage snags. It makes a great study of an infrequently seen bird in southern California and should not be missed. Thanks Brian for letting us know about this bird.
    Jim Moore
    Agua Dulce
    I found a singing Cassin's Sparrow in Castaic this morning [May 27th]. This is south of where Violin Canyon enters Castaic Creek just northeast of the Castaic Regional Sports Complex (park). This park is on south side of the Community of Castaic and easily seen from the I-5 freeway traveling north. Get off at Parker Road and go right to the first intersection (4-way stop signs) where you turn right again. Go down to the park and turn left into the parking lot. Go east to the north east corner of the park and park at the baseball fields. Go north east through the baseball fields and cross under the power lines. Under the power lines it is ruderal (weedy) or grassy fields with a fence line, but on the other side of the fence it is alluvail sage scrub (scalebroom, buckwheat, CA. sagebrush, etc.). The sparrow was singing from the sagebrush habitats near the fence. There are easy places to enter through the fence and there are no signs posted saying keep out. There were "hikers' in the habitat walking through as we followed the bird this morning. Attached is link to my best photos of the bird. It sings from the bushes, but also skylarks as well. One does not have to use playback to get close to this bird. Just use bushes (scalebroom) as screen and be patient. Good luck.
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  7. Kelp Gull identification LINK
    DATE: May 28, 2015 @ 3:16pm, 1 day(s) ago
    Hi Calbirders,
    I've thought hard and received much cautionary advice about the ways we can use structure to identify gulls since the summer Lesser Black-backed-type in Eureka last summer. After seeing the Farallones images this week, I began to feel uncomfortable with the slender body, long wings, and un-striking bill of that bird. It differs most from Lesser Black-backed (intermedius/fuscus/heuglini-types) in its size, bill size, wing length (?), and bulkiness. I was assured last year that at least pure graellsii can look nearly as large and bulky as a Western Gull and they do not always look obviously long-winged. This bird is clearly no graellsii, but I wonder what we can use to distinguish between darker large male LBBG and Kelp Gulls in California, in both this and future cases.
    Alvaro has seen many more Kelp Gulls than me, and far more recently, and I respect the idea that Kelp bears similarities to Lesser structurally (they are probably close relatives). But to me gull structure has more to do with its immediate lifestyle, and my impression of Kelp is a broader-winged, heavier short-distant migrant like a Western or Great Black-backed. The one thing I would like best in a Kelp is a very thick, bulbous bill. Not all Kelps are so distinctive, but that would be best-case.
    The leg color suggests Kelp, but if this is a fourth-cycle or delayed third-cycle bird, as suggested by the limited white in the primaries, some black in the bill tip, and some barring in the tertials, then the leg color may not be fully developed.
    I am waiting eagerly for this bird to make it to Humboldt, so I am just hoping to get some more discussion of what concrete traits we should look for as we all pursue this tantalizing individual, which is clearly a megararity whatever its ID. Thanks to Alvaro for his find and his cautious approach to its ID.
    Here are a few subadult Baltic Gulls (L. f. fuscus) from the Gull Research-Org's site. Notice the variably developed leg colors and the different impressions of wing length and bill size.
    Tristan McKee
    Arcata, CA
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  9. Re: [SFBirds] Gannet back on Alcatraz LINK
    DATE: May 28, 2015 @ 12:47pm, 1 day(s) ago
    it was there this morning at 8:50John SterlingVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV26 Palm AveWoodland, CA 95695530 908-3836jsterling@...www.sterlingbirds.comMonterey 375-4658
    On May 27, 2015, at 2:30 PM, david_assmann@... [SFBirds] <> wrote:
    Taking off and landing from its favorite perch
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  11. Northern Gannet in San Francisco LINK
    DATE: May 27, 2015 @ 2:32pm, 2 day(s) ago
    The Northern Gannet is taking off and landing from its favorite perch on Alcatraz Island right now
    David Assmann
    Sam Francisco
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  13. Pattern of Gannet sightings LINK
    DATE: May 25, 2015 @ 11:39am, 4 day(s) ago
    The NORTHERN GANNET flew into Alcatraz this morning a little after 8:30, less than an hour after it was seen at Fort Funston. It was still there when I left at 10:15 am. The Gannet has been quite regular over the past few days - it was seen both Wednesday and Thursday mornings (it was not there Thursday afternoon) and Friday and Saturday afternoons (it was not there Saturday morning). No one reported birding at Fort Mason yesterday. So it's been seen five of the last six days, and could have been there every day.
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  15. Northern Gannet LINK
    DATE: May 25, 2015 @ 9:31am, 4 day(s) ago
    The NORTHERN GANNET flew in to Alcatraz at about 8:30 this morning and is still there now, visible from Fort Mason and the pier at Aquatic Park.
    David Assmann
    San Francisco
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  17. No Nazca Sunday LINK
    DATE: May 25, 2015 @ 7:39pm, 4 day(s) ago
    Unfortunately there were no sightings of the Nazca Booby on Anacapa today, I will refrain from posting any further updates unless it reappears at some time in the future.
    Thanks to those of you who came out to help look,
    Joel Barrett
    Oxnard, Ca
    Island Packers,
    Ventura, Ca
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  19. Re: [CALBIRDS] Fwd: [LACoBirds] Yellow-throated Warbler at Peck Rd WCP, Arcadia LINK
    DATE: May 24, 2015 @ 1:57pm, 5 day(s) ago
    Not re-found by myself, or multiple other birder who looked for it for several hours, up until noon, searching over a wide area.
    Tom Miko Claremont LA County
    On May 24, 2015 9:42 AM, "David Bell d@... [CALBIRDS]" <> wrote:
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    David Bell
    Begin forwarded message:
    From: "jonf60 JonF60@... [LACoBirds]" <>Date: May 24, 2015 at 8:16:58 AM PDTTo: LA County Birds <>Subject: [LACoBirds] Yellow-throated Warbler at Peck Rd WCP, ArcadiaReply-To: jonf60 <JonF60@...>
    I just had a brief but excellent looks at a stunning Yellow-throated Warbler.  It was at the southwest corner of the peninsula that is just west of the parking area.  Trying to refind it now.
    Jon Fisher
    Glendale, CA
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  21. Yellow thr vireo LINK
    DATE: May 24, 2015 @ 10:00am, 5 day(s) ago
    At 14 th tee ponds at California city. Also n. Waterthrush same spot.
    John Sterling.
    26 Palm Ave
    Woodland, CA 95696
    530 908-3836
    Sent from my iPhone
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  23. Fwd: [LACoBirds] Yellow-throated Warbler at Peck Rd WCP, Arcadia LINK
    DATE: May 24, 2015 @ 9:42am, 5 day(s) ago
    Sent from my iPhone
    David Bell
    Begin forwarded message:
    From: "jonf60 JonF60@... [LACoBirds]" <>Date: May 24, 2015 at 8:16:58 AM PDTTo: LA County Birds <>Subject: [LACoBirds] Yellow-throated Warbler at Peck Rd WCP, ArcadiaReply-To: jonf60 <JonF60@...>
    I just had a brief but excellent looks at a stunning Yellow-throated Warbler. It was at the southwest corner of the peninsula that is just west of the parking area. Trying to refind it now.
    Jon Fisher
    Glendale, CA
    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 mini ?, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
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  25. RE: [CALBIRDS] No Nazca for Saturday LINK
    DATE: May 24, 2015 @ 10:51pm, 5 day(s) ago
    We were some of the birders today (Sat. 5/23) who were "booby-less" at Anacapa Island; but it wasn't for lack of trying on Island Packers part. Joel Barrett and the crew of the Island Adventure went "above and beyond" making special trips from the island with just the birders aboard, after dropping off all the other passengers, just to look for the booby. Let's hope tomorrow has better results.
    For the birders who did land on the island the nesting Western Gulls put on quite a show with eggs and chicks literally at your feet! The nesting Pelagic Cormorants & Pigeon Guillemots at the landing cove were also very entertaining.
    Steve & Priscilla Summers
    Porterville CA
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    -------- Original message --------
    From: "joelbsalty@... [CALBIRDS]"
    Date:05/23/2015 8:02 PM (GMT-08:00)
    Subject: [CALBIRDS] No Nazca for Saturday
    No sightings to report of the Nazca Booby today (Saturday). Four trips, morning and late afternoon, went out with several birders on board who looked on multiple occasions in the area it was previously sighted. We have more trips tomorrow so if it returns it will get reported.
    Joel Barrett
    Oxnard, Ca
    Island Packers,
    Ventura, Ca
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  27. No Nazca for Saturday LINK
    DATE: May 24, 2015 @ 8:02pm, 5 day(s) ago
     No sightings to report of the Nazca Booby today (Saturday). Four trips, morning and late afternoon, went out with several birders on board who looked on multiple occasions in the area it was previously sighted. We have more trips tomorrow so if it returns it will get reported.
    Joel Barrett
    Oxnard, Ca
    Island Packers,
    Ventura, Ca
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  29. Nazca Booby News... LINK
    DATE: May 23, 2015 @ 9:39pm, 6 day(s) ago
    Hi all,
    Update from today...Friday. Due to the short notice of the sighting on Weds, and subsequent confirmation of the bird being a Nazca Booby on Thursday, unbelievably not many if any birders were able to look for the bird today. Sea conditions were rough and hampered at least one party on a private boat that planned on sailing to the island today. Island Packer's only trip out was booked solid with a school group, and crew members on board were not able to see the bird (not all could look as they have other duties to attend to while on board), but that does not mean it is not there still. We passed the area three times on Thursday until it was finally spotted! There are four separate trips out there tomorrow so we will all have a better idea of the situation at some point throughout the day. I honestly can't say which trip will have better success the non-landing wildlife cruises or the Express landing trips, morning or afternoon. Either way all the boats will be in radio contact with each other, if the bird is seen we will spread the word of where it was seen and do our best to accomodate anyone who is out specifically to find it. I'll be on board the Express landing trips and will be looking hard with others aboard to refind this gem of a bird.
    Joel Barrett
    Oxnard, Ca
    Island Packers
    Ventura, Ca
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  31. Nazca Booby and Kelp Gull LINK
    DATE: May 22, 2015 @ 3:04pm, 7 day(s) ago
    Good afternoon birders,
    Just a reminder that NAZCA BOOBY (two previous state records) and KELP GULL (potential first state record) are both CBRC review species. Anyone who has seen or does see these birds is encouraged to submit documentation to the CBRC at the
    email address below. Good luck to anybody chasing either (or both!) of these birds this weekend.
    Thomas A. Benson
    Secretary, California Bird Records Committee
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  33. May 21st cruise: 30 Murphy's, 3 Laysans, 8 Scripps's LINK
    DATE: May 22, 2015 @ 6:15am, 8 day(s) ago
    The final full day of our 10-day round-trip Princess cruise from San
    Francisco to se. Alaska and back, on 21 May, found us--as usual this
    day--southbound between off central Oregon and extreme northern
    Mendocino County. Very light winds. Highlights included:
    Murphy's Petrel: 30 (21 Humboldt, 8 Mendocino, 1 Oregon)
    Laysan Albatross: 3 (2 Humboldt, 1 Mendocino)
    South Polar Skua: 2 (1 Oregon, 1 Humboldt)
    Scripps's Murrelet: 8 (2 Oregon, 4 Del Norte, 2 Humboldt)
    Also, a small fleet of trawlers off extreme southern Oregon had a total
    of 750 Black-footed Albatrosses in attendance.
    --Paul Lehman, San Diego
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  35. Nazca Booby follow up LINK
    DATE: May 22, 2015 @ 6:17pm, 7 day(s) ago
    Hi everyone,
    I have received numerous inquiries as to what trips to book and other general questions about where the Nazca Booby has been seen so I thought I would share with everyone. If you have replied to my earlier post I will assume this will answer those questions. First off this area on Anacapa is found on the east end of the island. The arch is the eastern most point, there are also a few other large rocks set off from the main body of the island in this area. Steep cliffs run all along the main portion of the island, and the Landing Cove where you go ashore is located here. So with all that said, any trip to Anacapa, either a day trip or a non-landing wildlife tour would pass by the location this bird has been seen. I work at Island Packers, the concessionaire to the Channel Islands National Park, and have spread the word at work that this bird will be attracting many people who will come out specifically to see it so we will try to make a special effort to look for it. It was seen yesterday and today in the same general area but not in the exact same spot. Despite scanning and scouring all the birds in the morning I could not locate it, but in the afternoon it was suddenly there on a rock that in past years has never attracted either Brown Boobies, or Blue-footed Boobies. As a general rule I would just check all the cliff faces, rocks, and the arch. Unfortunately it would be very difficult if not impossible to get any view of these sites from Anacapa Island itself, it is best to look from the boat. With that said though, if it flew off of the rocks it could be visible in flight as it is either coming to or leaving the island, but the distance would be great.
    Views may be possible from the boat as it arrives to the Island, and after the departure from the Island, or during the non-landing wildlife cruise as it approaches the east end of the Island.
    If numerous birders are on board we may be able to drop off the majority of the passengers on the island and then go over for a closer look/search.
    This will be possible on both of the express trips to Anacapa leaving from Ventura on both Saturday and Sunday. There are also non-landing trips but they my be at capacity for the weekend. The noon run on Saturday and both day trips on Sunday have space aboard at this time, as does the trip out there on Monday.
    Please feel free to let the captain and crew know why you are on board, but nothing is guaranteed, and it is a holiday weekend so many others will be onboard with different agendas. I'll be working on the trips Saturday and Sunday aboard the Island Adventure out of Ventura for full day and half day visits to Anacapa.
    Here are a pair of photos I took today linked to an ebird checklist
    and check the Island Packers facebook site for a great picture from Tim Hauf taken yesterday.!/islandpackerstours
    Joel Barrett
    Oxnard, Ca
    Island Packers
    Ventura, Ca
    Book a trip by calling or online
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  37. Dickcissel LINK
    DATE: May 22, 2015 @ 5:15pm, 7 day(s) ago
    The bird is still here in sw most dry pond at baker WTP. Thanks mike San Miguel jr!!!
    Also female Baltimore Oriole.
    John Sterling.
    26 Palm Ave
    Woodland, CA 95696
    530 908-3836
    Sent from my iPhone
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  39. Nazca Booby LINK
    DATE: May 21, 2015 @ 2:25pm, 8 day(s) ago
    The Nazca Booby was relocated today near the Anacapa Arch on an off shore rock. It was not found in the morning but was present in the early afternoon. Field views confirm the pinkish orange bill color. There was also a Brown Booby on the cliff just outside the landing cove. Island Packers has trips to the area over the next few days. Good Luck out there!
    Joel Barrett
    Oxnard, Ca
    Island Packers
    Ventura, Ca
    Sent from my iPhone
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  41. Rose-breasted Grosbeak in McKittrick LINK
    DATE: May 21, 2015 @ 11:22am, 8 day(s) ago
    This morning while conducting point counts in McKittrick I found a MALE ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK.
    McKittrick is in the hills in the southwest part of the Central Valley, about 20 minutes west of Bakersfield. At 6:30am the grosbeak flew into a small tree on C street between 3rd St and Highway 33, where it foraged for 5-10 minutes before flying deeper into town. 
    The trees in McKittrick are something of an island within the surrounding scrub hills (the trees are also currently full of tanagers, black-headed grosbeaks, flycatchers, and warblers), so the grosbeak may stick around. Might also be a good place to look for other rarities.
    If you go looking for this bird, please be respectful of private property. The owner of a nearby house was a bit offput by having strangers standing near his property (don't think they see many birders).
    Happy birding,
    Sarah MacLean
    Berkeley, CA
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  43. Nazca Booby on Anacapa Island LINK
    DATE: May 21, 2015 @ 9:33am, 8 day(s) ago
    Yesterday, Jim Howard found a booby on the arch at the east end of Anacapa Island that was reported to eBird as a Masked. Based on photos taken by Tim Hauf later in the day on an Island Packers boat, the bird is actually a Nazca Booby. His photos are viewable on Island Packers Facebook page (or at least they were earlier this morning). This is only the third state record (second live one) and would be the first chaseable one if refound today. Island Packers is out there this morning so they will keep us posted.
    Kelp Gull and Nazca Booby show up in California on the same day...what's next?
    Fingers crossed
    Dave Pereksta
    Ventura, CA
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  45. Kelp Gull update LINK
    DATE: May 21, 2015 @ 10:33pm, 8 day(s) ago
    Local Half Moon Bay birder Chris Hayward got a quick view of the Kelp Gull at about 6:30. It disappeared, and could not be re-found after that. I think that if it is not at the Pilarcitos (Venice Beach) gull flock, one should look in the harbor to the north. Also the dead Grey Whale to the south is attracting a few gulls. Gull also congregate sometimes at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, and to the south at San Gregorio Creek Mouth, Pescadero etc. But certainly Venice Beach and Harbor would be the first bets.
    Good luck
    Alvaro Jaramillo
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  47. Kelp Gull photos LINK
    DATE: May 21, 2015 @ 5:03pm, 8 day(s) ago
    Hi folks
    Below is a link to the Kelp Gull photos. This was a classic rare bird when least expected, I was doing a run on the beach when I eyeballed this black backed gull in the local flock. I slowed down and could swear it had dull yellow legs. This is going to be the one time I wished I had an apple watch, as I had no cell phone nothing on me. It was a 15 min run back home, no shower, just get out and photograph this thing. I think I saw it originally at 1 pm. I was back at the site at 1:30 or so, and there it was!! This is where I was able to get photos, and confirmed my gut feel, that this was perhaps a Kelp Gull. While looking down at the phone trying to get people to come over, it disappeared. Yet I could not see any birds in flight, so assumed it had walked over the sand and was not visible from the cliff where I was. At that point Leslie Flint arrived, we were able to finish up some calls and I had to leave to get my daughter from school. Last I heard folks were looking, but I am not sure if they had found anything yet.
    The more I look at the photos the more convinced I am that this crazy event is real, and that there is a Kelp Gull in San Mateo County. The features to note are the relatively large size (closer to Western than California), and the black back. Not dark grey, but black. Only the fuscus (Baltic Gull) subspecies of Lesser Black-backed is this dark, and it is the slimmest and longest winged of the group. The bill on this bird is stout, not with the flat gonys that is common on Lesser Black-backed. As well the legs are not gleaming yellow, but have a green tone to them which is typical of Kelp, in non-breeding Kelp looks downright olive on the leg color. Eye is pale with a reddish orbital ring, that is ok for both Kelp and LBB, but the eye is not as gleamingly pale as on a Lesser, it looks the tiniest bit clouded. The structure is like a slightly slimmer Western, with longer wings. It is still bulky, and thick billed, and looks bulkier and more thickset than a Lesser Black-backed, also shorter on the wings. The bird is relatively worn, with the tertial crescent quite worn, and the white primary tips about gone but there is evidence that they were present at one time. Why is it not a Great Black-back? Well, it is too small, legs are not dull pink, structure not bulky enough and no clear evidence of lots of white on the outer primaries.
    I know Kelp Gulls really well, I see them on my trips to Chile and Uruguay all the time. Still is it with major trepidation that I report this thing, because it is JUST NUTS!!! What the heck is a Kelp Gull doing in California!!!! But I am at a loss to call it anything else, and nothing on this bird eliminates Kelp from contention. I did not see it fly, and did not see its wings spread. It does not look to have an obvious mirror on the wings, but I could not exactly confirm that.
    I am very much hoping it will be re-found today, otherwise tomorrow or the weekend. As likely this same bird was seen by docents at Año Nuevo a couple of weeks ago, it is hanging around, you just have to search the gull flocks for it if it is not at Venice Beach.
    For those Coming in from out of town, here is our club’s (Sequoia Audubon) birding site guide for the area, known as Pilarcitos Creek Mouth or Venice Beach.
    good luck and good birding.
    Alvaro Jaramillo
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  49. Kelp ?? Gull in Half Moon Bay. LINK
    DATE: May 20, 2015 @ 3:30pm, 9 day(s) ago
    HI folks
    An adult gull with fully Black back, stout bill, olive-yellow legs, pale eye and red orbital was at the Pilarcitos Creek Mouth in Half Moon Bay (Venice Beach) today from 1 pm to at least 1:45. I will post photos and details later, but wanted to get the word out. The darkness of the back and stout bill, thickset body are best for a KELP GULL!!! Rather than a very dark and large Lesser Black-backed Gull. It is a tad longer winged, and slimmer than a Western Gull, legs too dull back too dark for a Yellow-footed Gull, and the red orbital eliminates that as well.
    I wanted to get the word out earlier rather than later. I need to further convince myself that this is not a Lesser Black-back of any type. Likely this bird, was reported and photographed (the photos were not conclusive) from Ano Nuevo Reserve about two weeks ago or so. Assuming this is the same bird, which almost surely it is, the bird has been in this county for some time. So that is good. Unfortunately at about 1:45 I lost track of the bird and it disappeared, I have not heard if any of the local birders have re-found it. I had to leave unfortunately. The only reason I am concerned about the identification is because it is so inconceivable that a Kelp Gull could be here…but I am trying to get it through my thick skull that indeed that is what is going on. Sorry I can’t post photos immediately, but I have to shuttle kids and then I can get them from the camera and upload.
    Alvaro Jaramillo
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